Quick Question: Do you know the #1 reason why most wholesalers fail?

The simple answer is Marketing. 

The majority of wholesalers don’t actually understand how to properly market their real estate business.  

And Here are the Top 7 Reasons Why Most People Fail With Wholesale Marketing....  

1. You don't invest enough money into marketing.  

2. You don't invest enough time into marketing.  

3. You aren't consistent with marketing.  

4. Poor Marketing Strategies  

5. Lack of team building  

6. Somebody convinced you it was going to be easy, so you gave up.  

7. Somebody convinced you it would happen over night, so you gave up.

Let's get one thing straight. You are in the MARKETING business! You're are a MARKETER, who happens to sell real estate. Once you realize this, you will take your wholesaling business to the next level. You have to believe that, whether you’re partaking in real estate investing or as a wholesaler, your primary role is that of a MARKETER.  

Marketing is usually the first task to get pushed to the back burner or cut when time is tight. However, marketing is extremely important to branding/expanding your business, and should NOT be looked at as optional. Selling is important but to get MORE sales, you need to focus on your marketing. This gets leads in the door and your phone ringing.

So Today the MADNESS stops!  

Right now, I have literally just a couple of openings in my private and exclusive WHOLESALING MARKETING MASTERY - MENTORING PROGRAM.  

I’m going to layout an overview of what’s included in my elite mentoring program below so you have a full layout of what you can expect and what you’re going to receive when you do the very wise thing of applying to become my next marketing mentoring student.  

I believe very strongly in setting proper expectations.  




This is a limited availability 1-on-1 Marketing Mentoring Program. I do not work with just anybody, and I reserve the right to deny any application for mentorship according to my parameters. DO NOT apply until you have read through this page. If I receive an application from you, I am assuming you are ready NOW. Right? 

In my opinion getting a true, personal 1-on-1 mentor is:

THE SMARTEST, FASTEST, ABSOLUTE BEST Way To Get Real Results In Real Estate. Period.

How would you like to have consistent leads finally coming in?

How would you like to grow your wholesaling business this year with less stress while simultaneously getting more done and increasing your bottom line profits?  

Then you are in the right place because I am going to show you how to do just that. You'll learn what 99% percent of wholesalers never know, let alone apply and fully establish marketing strategies into your real estate wholesaling business, coming out stronger, more educated, and with the confidence of a seasoned real estate investor.  

With this mentoring program, you'll get the best one-on-one real estate marketing training, with an immediate step by step action plan that will guide you through each and every step of the real estate marketing process.

Why did I start this business?

Since 2009, I've participated in wholesaling, lease options. etc, and learned a lot. After 11 years of trial and error, and seemingly countless painstaking hours of hard work, I was able to trail blaze a path to success. A path for wholesalers to succeed without all of the vigorous trial and error I had to endure. 

The journey wasn't easy... 

I remember times when I was practically in tears because I couldn't close on a deal.  

It hurt...REALLY bad!  

But know this: What you seek is “directly” on the other side of that pain.  

I became so fed up with wholesaling, I decided to build a real estate network and possibly joint venture with some folks to finally get my first deal. In just a few short months, I built a real estate network of 312 wholesalers. After talking to hundreds of wholesalers over the phone and cultivating dozens of partnerships, I had a huge breakthrough that changed everything for me:  

1. I learned that, while my joint venture partners focused on sales, my passion was marketing.  

2. My passion in marketing paid off as my sales doubled and tripled over a span of weeks, so much so that other wholesalers in my market started calling me 'The Marketing Genius'. I'm not flattered by this at all (okay, maybe a little), but I never viewed myself as such. Never the less, my marketing strategies became so successful, I caught the attention of, and was featured on: Lance Edwards Deals & Dollars Club as "The Real Estate Marketing Genius".  

3. In life, especially in business, it's often through the feedback of others that we learn just exactly what skills and talents we possess.  

It was through the positive feedback of others regarding my skills, passion, and love for marketing that inspired me to build a business around turning my passion into my life purpose:  

Helping others achieve the success in real estate they've always dreamed of .

 “True passion can come from doing something that you truly love.”

Marketing is my strength and what I love to do. I love helping people with their real estate marketing and advertising efforts because it requires the resourcefulness of viewing the inevitable, unpredictable obstacles we will be faced with from a unique perspective and then using our creativity to overcome those obstacles. If there is one thing that is inevitable in closing real estate deals, it is that we will almost always face obstacles. The difference between the few who succeed in this business and the rest who give up, is finding creative ways to overcome those obstacles along the way. 

Can You Really Help Me Succeed, Tee?

You can invest in all of the courses, programs, all the software, all the manuals, all the group coaching, all of the “hacks and cheat sheets” and you’re still going to have at least a thousand unique questions that you MUST have answered along your specific journey.  

Most successful wholesalers and investors made it by working with a 1-on-1 mentor who was personally there for them in their corner. Through every phase, every lead and every big decision they needed to make in their business.  

I mean that is how it’s done. And if you’re honest with yourself and really think about it. It just makes sense.  

So if this is something you know that you need, whether you’re brand new or you’ve been at this a while, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to keep spinning your wheels!

Right Now, I Have Literally Just A Couple Of Openings For My Private and Exclusive MARKETING MASTERY MENTORING PROGRAM – So Apply Today.

Who Exactly Is This For?...  

-You must be willing to follow through with instructions. I have a step-by-step system that I require everyone to use when they start with me. I show you exactly what you need to do to cultivate and implement marketing strategies resulting in an exponential increase in overall deals and profits.  

-You must be responsive via phone & text. You will do most of the work from your home. Having access to a computer would also be helpful.  

-You must be someone who is decisive. Making quick decisions is imperative to success in this business. If you don’t make quick decisions, your competitor will and you will lose the deal.  

-You must be willing to invest some time and some money into this business. If you are unwilling to invest a dime into the program, I will not be able to work with you. Please understand, you don’t need tons of money to get started with the program, but marketing expenses are always needed. I’ll show you how to get the job done with as few expenses as possible.  

-Last and most importantly, you must have a burning desire to succeed. I don’t mean to sound picky here but if you don’t have the desire to succeed, I’m not interested in working with you. 

The people who I work with personally are going to take their business to unprecedented levels.


What this IS NOT  

Group coaching, classes, seminars, workbooks, homework, weekly video chats, Facebook group chat support, etc …  


What this IS:  

A one-on-one apprenticeship/partnership with me personally for 30 days. You are going to become an absolutely marketing monster. A good monster! Not a bad monster.

Everything that I am doing in my business, is going to rub off on you. 

Master marketing, and you’ll never be short on leads again. I’m going to help you solve this problem once and for all. Step by step. 

The best part is, any questions along the way. We simply hop on a call and SOLVE it right then and right there. No more spinning your wheels. 🙂

I present to you my 30 Day Wholesaling Marketing Mastery - Mentoring Program: In this program, I will work with you for 30 days to create and implement your marketing strategies. We will have 1 Coaching Call PER WEEK during the Program and you'll be provided with unlimited email/text support in between the calls to help you achieve your personal goals.  

 Bonus: Once you have finished your 30 day coaching you can schedule a 5th bonus call anytime in the next 12 months.


Here's everything you get...

 The Marketing Execution Plan ~ Building The Foundation

Easily make sense of the “marketing” aspect of your business. (Most people just do not “get” this and it keeps them stuck for years) Hint: Marketing is EVERYTHING in this business and you’re gonna learn how to do it..Determining a Realistic Marketing Budget to reach your goals.  

We’ll tailor an exact marketing plan to your schedule and budget so that you are doing the highest leverage marketing activities possible and not running around like a crazy person 🙂  

-We'll create a Marketing Plan that will produce results, starting with the 2 best Marketing strategies that'll produce the highest response rates. We’ll zoom in from that 50,000 foot view to specifically what to do first in your marketing. We’re going to obliterate overwhelm by having you focus on a few specific things. NOT 10 or 20 🙂  

You’ll learn the absolute best lead generation strategies that you can implement on a very little marketing budget – averaging just around $330 a month. The absolute very best ways to market for free, low cost, and also paid.. (I’m a big believer in building your business lean. The good news is you don’t need to break the bank!)  

My 1 stealthy-free strategy that almost NO one teaches that is extremely HIGH leverage and will save you thousands of dollars per month in marketing dollars.  

How to map out and make sure you are only doing income producing activities so that you do not waste your time or spin your wheels.  

How to Generate Seller Leads

-Choosing the best lists of motivated sellers in your market.  

-Discover my Hidden Secrets & Techniques to setting up a proven lead generating system, bringing a steady stream of seller leads on a daily basis!

-The #1 website I recommend for effective lead conversion.

-How to easily snag properties through your Cash Buyers list

-Secrets of direct mail marketing campaigns.  

-The best script to use to set up your voicemail & kick out the tire kickers. 

Exclusive Access To My Ultra Responsive Marketing Materials & Resources

This is literally everything I use in my business. I don’t know how to make this any more simple for you. 🙂  

I’m gonna give you all of my hyper-effective marketing materials – which have taken me literally thousands of hours to perfect and will save you insane amounts of time and effort!  

And if you need All of my WHOLESALER contracts & lead sheets, I can provide that too.

Once Again, you have absolute access to all of my marketing materials which have taken me thousands of hours to perfect.  

My Flyer Templates – so you can stand out from other wholesaers in YOUR Market.  

My Motivated Seller Ad Script – Which entices them to pick up the phone and CALL YOU!  

All of the necessary marketing materials to get your deals SOLD!  

And much, much more!

A Successful, Eye Catching Brand Identity

Assist with Branding, Logo Creation, & Company Videos 

 Build Credibility & Trust with Buyers, Sellers, and your Real Estate Network!

I will teach you how to build an "upscale" wholesaling business.  

 Why is this important? Because 99.9% of wholesalers don't have a brand, or their brand SUCKS!  

By hyping a particular service, and capitalizing on a sense of exclusivity, clients are more than willing to work with you over other companies. The truth is, people are more open to working with companies that are (or appear) bigger. 

-Remember this Quote- "Your Business May Be Small, But Your Brand can be Big!"  

How to Build a Large Cash Buyers List

I'll teach you how to.....

-Create or Recreate your Cash Buyers sign-up form to attract more qualified Buyers

-Cheaply generate new buyer leads via Facebook Groups & direct response advertising on social media/classified sites & email.

-How to build and manage your database of Cash Buyers 

-Provide attention grabbing email templates to attract your buyers list and promote your properties

-Use a list of links and a powerful script to get seemingly endless buyer leads online  

-The RIGHT way to build a relationship with buyers that will make them buy from you & ONLY YOU....EVERYTIME!!

Social Media Marketing

-One simple tweak on your website to track the results of your social media marketing  

-How to properly network through social media to get the people you want

-YouTube Video Optimization/SEO - Finally take your channel or videos to the next level with SEO. Here, we will implement a simple game plan with the execution of the right keywords, catchy video titles, full descriptions and a strong CTA.  

-Automate the content marketing on your social media pages so they'll always look up to date.  

-How to effectively network with investors in your market via Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

Building Business Systems

-The importance of Phone Systems & CRM

-How to begin easily tracking the 5 most important areas in your business and why this leads dramatically increases your results. When I began doing this… and students of mine began doing this, their businesses absolutely transformed.

Team Building & The Power of Leverage

Networking For Success

When I first started, I built a Co-Wholesaling network of 312 wholesalers in a few short months. As of today, I have over 5000 people in my network, and it's continuing to grow everyday!

This business is all about relationships, so If you’re serious about connecting with other people, and getting more leads for your business, you have to REACH OUT to people. 

I'll teach you how to properly reach out to your local wholesaling market via Facebook Groups, Linkedin, Connected Investors, Bigger Pockets, etc. and Direct Email using a simple and powerful script. 

 Phone & Email Support

We will have 1 coaching call PER PROJECT in the 30 Day Program with unlimited TEXT support in between the calls to help you achieve your personal goals. 

 (I'm a great accountability partner.)

 Extra Bonuses...

-Once you have finished your 30 day coaching you can schedule a bonus call anytime in the next 12 months.

-Ongoing Support as your Real Estate Marketing Mentor. I'll Be available to answer your real estate marketing questions by email or text after your 30 day mentoring.  

-Keep you up to date with tech and marketing trends that work, so you can implement it into your business.  

  And much much more!


“Tee did an excellent job of walking me through the steps of wholesaling. She was patient and answered all of my questions.” -Avi. C.

“Tee is a dedicated and knowledgeable professional who will work hard, honor her words, and do what is right by her business associates. Tee has helped me tremendously in assessing off-market properties in the area. She also helped me build a brand and website. ” -Honey R.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Is It So Critically Important To Get A Real Estate Mentor?

By getting a true mentor :  

-You get to avoid the costly mistakes that most if not all new wholesalers/investors make. You get faster, better and more consistent results.  

-You get a new friend/partner/long term connection (me) who has a vested interest in your success and truly cares. I’m talking about one person whom you have their cell phone number and they’re going to personally be there for you day in and day out to help you with every single lead and obstacle in your business. 

-You get all of the marketing materials and resources that you need in order to run your business successfully.  

-You have a second pair of eyes and a voice of reason to give the proper perspective on your leads and marketing strategies, which is CRITICAL.  

-And if that wasn’t enough, you finally start to cultivate real belief that success is actually possible for you because you’re no longer alone. You’re no longer questioning and fearing every move that needs to be made.

What kind of results can I expect?

This is not some get rich overnight or push button magical system. This takes a lot of focused effort and it does take real work.  

However I will have your back every step of the way. If you’re not willing to work HARD then please do not apply.  

 If you are skeptical, respectfully this is not for you. 🙂  

However if you know if your heart this is exactly what you need. If you really want my help. If you’re determined to achieve results, then this is for you.

What’s The Cost For All of This?

A $175 one-time, upfront payment for the basic package.  

Remember, this is a one-on-one marketing mentorship program with me personally for 30 days. 

No longer do you have to go at this alone. Period. This is absolutely HUGE and it’s truly the difference maker. You’ll have me in your back pocket and finally receive the personal help you need to grow and scale your business.  

The dozens of people that I’ve already coached and mentored say that it’s a much more intimate and real approach than they’ve ever experienced before. Unlike other mentoring or training programs, you and I will develop a personal connection and a sincere, long-term relationship. I truly care about each and every one of my students.  

That means you get access to me as your coach and mentor PERSONALLY — not a team. You get my phone number and my email, and I respond quickly, often, and with care.  

I don’t work with tons of people at a time and this is NOT group coaching.  

I typically work with just a handful of students at a time. I do this so that I have the time to actually work with you and develop our relationship. When I realize I’m getting too busy I simply close the doors until I have a few more students who can succeed on their own.

Can't I just go at this real estate wholesaling thing alone?

What I want you to think about for the moment is the cost of not doing this one-on-one mentoring program. The cost of not getting a mentor. Sure you may have gained some basic knowledge on traditional wholesaling strategies through a book you've read, a YouTube video you've watched, or some seminar you've attended, but I'll be REAL with you. Most of the marketing strategies real estate gurus teach are outdated and time consuming. 

I teach what works now! And I've tested and tweaked many strategies to get it right!

TEE, in a nutshell, what are you going to help me accomplish?

I’m going to help you radically cut your learning curve and get results much faster and easier than you would on your own. I mean that is the whole purpose of getting a “mentor” or “coach” right? In the effort of keeping things simple. That is it right there. That’s what we are after. To cut your learning curve and to help you get results faster and easier than you would on your own. If we can simply accomplish that purpose right there, then boom, that’s a huge accomplishment! Right?

What Work Is Involved On Your Part?

At first the only thing you have to worry about is marketing for leads (motivated sellers). My step by step instructions will tell you everything you need to do for this part. Any time you get stuck or have questions, you’ll check with me and we’ll hash it out together.  

In a nutshell, you’re executing the very simple marketing that I teach you to do. 

1-on-1 Wholesaler Marketing Mastery Mentoring with me personally, is the MISSING PIECE to you finally having a thriving real estate business.  

I look forward to working with you....

Tee Lynnae

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$175 for the basic package

No strings attached, no hidden fees.